Meet Our Team

Founders of Girls for Science


Sweta Srinivasan


Divya Srinivasan



Teju Calambakkam

Editor in Chief of GFS Magazine 

Hello! My name is Teju Calambakkam, and I am the Editor-in-Chief of the magazine! I'm a second-year college student at the University of South Florida, where my major is Business Advertising with a Certificate in Visualization and Design on the side. STEM has always been a part of my life, and I hope to educate others about the STEM possibilities in their futures with the magazine!


Hannah Burleson

Director of Writing

Hi! My name is Hannah Burleson and I am a sophomore at UCF studying biomedical sciences. I hope to be a cardiothoracic surgeon. My interests include; surfing, art, music, boba, and traveling!


Nicole Wilkes

Director of Editing

Hey there! My name is Nicole. I am 18 years old and attend the University of Miami. Some of my favorite things to do are baking, hand lettering, and spoiling my Maltipoo, Lulu. As a biology major, I envision myself working in the medical field, specifically pediatrics. Advocating for the youth of my community has always been a passion of mine and I am so grateful to be pursuing it further through Girls For Science.

max taylor.JPG

Max Taylor

Director of Graphic Design

Max is a first-year journalism major at the University of Florida. She currently writes news articles for the Independent Florida Alligator, and in her free time loves to work on graphic design projects for record labels and magazines. Her hobbies include electric guitar, checking out too many books from the library and excessively loud rock music.

Girls for Science Magazine Team


Nandini Mathur

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Tanvi Yamarthy


Hi! My name is Nandini Mathur. I’m in the ninth grade and have always been passionate about creating impact. I am fascinated by the implications of modern science and medicine towards helping solve the issues plaguing the future. I hope to be able to contribute to a cause that I care about, Global warming, and play a part in making positive changes. I am also interested is Astrophysics and what lies in store for us on Earth and beyond. When I was seven, on my birthday, my parents and uncles sent a flying lantern to the sky, and that was the first time I realized how vast the sky and the universe is. But there were no stars visible in the night, and decided I wanted to help people see the stars again. Thus began my passion for Space sciences and helping restore our futures, and my obsession with painting elaborate lanterns.


Hey everyone! My name is Tanvi, and I’m going to be a senior this coming fall. After years of doing Science Olympiad, my love for STEM has only grown and I am excited to pursue my future education in that field. Some of my favorite past times include singing, reading, and writing! If you EVER need book reccomendations - just hit me up😆. I discovered girls for science through Instagram and absolutely loved the strong, curious, and passionate community that I saw. Looking forward to many new projects and activities!

IMG_6379 - Sejal Mohan.jpg

Sejal Mohan


I have been a write for GFS since my freshman year in high school, I have written and edited articles for my school newspaper in my senior year, and have written numerous academic papers for classes.

pic of me 2 - Kylie Lam.JPG

Kylie Lam


My name is Kylie Lam and I was born and raised in New York. I hope to empower girls in STEM because I myself wish to pursue a career down that path. I aspire to become a nurse in the future to save lives and make a difference.

GFS HEADSHOT - Smyrna Davalath.jpg

Yuktee Srikant


Hi I'm Yuktee! I'm a college freshman at the University of South Florida, majoring in Biology! I have been a member of Girls for Science for the past 2 years and I'm so excited to be returning to the team. I love Girls for Science's mission statement, and I think it is imperative to encourage the youth to take an interest in STEM field and to close the gender gap. In my free time I like to golf, draw, travel, spend time with my friends, and watch Netflix. I can't wait to see what this year holds for Girls for Science.

Smyrna Davalath

Graphic Design

Smyrna Davalath is an high school IB student from Orlando, Florida. She enjoys art, music, photography, baking, Boba tea, and learning new things. Through her graphic designs, she hopes to encourage young girls and women to pursue a career in the STEM field. She is excited to continue as a graphic designer for the new GFS online magazine and work with an amazing group of people, as well as expand her knowledge in the STEM field! :)

myself - Maia Kumar.jpg

Maia Kumar

Graphic Design 

Hello! My name is Maia, and I’m a current high school senior in the Bay Area, California. I love learning about how we, as a society, can harness the power of sophisticated technologies like AI to make a tangible difference by reading books about AI and watching TED talks. I also love working with special needs children and volunteering as an academic peer tutor in their life skills class. In my free time, I like to read books about the Indian culture, write about pressing issues that I care about such as sexual harassment and intersectional STEMinism, and volunteer with two non-profit organizations that educate and empower women in India.

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Jasmine Sun

Graphic Design

Hi! I'm a freshman in college with a love for music and science. I'm currently a biomedical engineering major on the pre-med track. When I'm not learning about science, I love reading and being involved in orchestra with my friends.