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STEM Story: Anushka Purkayastha of Girls in White Coats

Can you please introduce yourself?

Hello! My name is Anushka Purkayastha and I’m a rising high school senior from

Princeton, New Jersey. I love empowering and educating young women through Girls in

White Coats! Other than GiWC, I enjoy dancing, painting, and hanging out with my

friends! A fun fact about me is that I did modeling for a bit a few years ago!

Let us talk about the amazing organization you run! What is the mission and

purpose, and how did they come to life?

GiWC was founded in May 2020 and its main purpose is to encourage young

women into pursuing a career in the healthcare industry! Many people tend to demoralize

a lot of girls' dreams of becoming a doctor, surgeon, or any other medical career and

GiWC wants to help them keep hope!

What has been your learning from this initiative? What did you wish you knew

before creating Girls in White Coats?

Before founding Girls in White Coats, I really wish I knew that there were going

to be a lot of people who were going to try to steal your ideas and copy them. It does hurt

to see that others are taking your hard work like that, but I always like to look at the

bright side and I realized that this is just spreading more awareness about the problem

GiWC is trying to fix! Also, with GiWC, I made so many more friendships with other

girls around the country and even in other countries!

What have you all accomplished so far? How has that motivated you to grow Girls

in White Coats further?

So far, Girls in White Coats has successfully exceeded 5,000 followers on

instagram and over 13.8k likes on TikTok! I honestly am so grateful for this and I hope

GiWC continues to grow. Aside from this, we recently concluded our first competition,

the Medical Technology Competition! We also had a satisfactory completion of our first

round of the volunteer program and mentoring program! All of these wonderful

accomplishments have definitely motivated me to keep growing GiWC.

How do you balance school and your organization?

Girls in White Coats was started in May which was at the end of the school year,

so I didn’t have much school work. The organization was just starting out back then, so

everything was manageable! I usually reply to DM’s every now and then whenever I

have time, but when school starts again, I plan on making a strict schedule for me and my

team on when we need to work on GiWC! This will make it easier for all of us to manage


Who or what inspires you personally? 

I would definitely say that my parents inspire me the most! They have been there

for me forever and they have seen me through my best and worst days. I am extremely

grateful for all the sacrifices they put into helping me and my sister. They work so hard

and they never fail to make me happy! When I grow up, I hope to reward them for their

kindness and help.

Final thoughts/remarks?

Thank you for interviewing me! I really enjoyed doing this and I

wish you all the best with your future endeavors! If you have any other questions or

concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Interviewed by: Maria Sushmitha

Graphic by: Jasmine Sun

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