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Girls for Science Melbourne

The X-ray online workshop was the very first workshop that GFS Melbourne held, and it focused on the scientist Marie Curie. They talked through how Marie curie helped with the discovery of radioactivity which assisted greatly in the invention of the X-Ray machine which today helps see the effects of broken bones. The experiment that GFS Melbourne did with the children was making an x-ray hand, where the kids took a cut out of their own hands and used straws to replicate the bones in their fingers. The kids then put a string through these ‘bones’ and attached them together at the end making a paper robotic hand. This demonstrated not only the importance of x-rays to children but how cool and amazing science is!

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Spring 2021

Spring 2021

The Rosalind Franklin - DNA helix model in-person workshop was a huge success, and children were very engaged with the content and eager to learn about Rosalind Franklin’s unknown contribution and impact on the discovery of DNA. To teach them about the structure of a DNA helix, GFS Melbourne utilized a gummy model and went through all of the nucleotide bases to explain how they bind together to form such a unique structure. It was a great way for students to visualize their learning, and it was also a yummy treat at the end!

Fall 2021

The online Brain workshop featured the scientist Patricia Goldman. In this workshop, GFS Melbourne talked about her contribution to science. In this experiment, students used different colors of play dough to make different regions of the brain and the areas of the human body they control. The children loved this experiment as many went on to use the play dough to make other regions of the body!

In the Mangalyaan Space Craft in-person workshop, students made parachutes and learned about gravity. In this workshop, students got to learn about India’s first interplanetary mission, led by a team of women! Students learned about the struggles the women went through in their mission. For the experiment, GFS Melbourne utilized a fun parachute-making activity to teach the concept of gravity, and how it applies to orbits in space!

Summer 2022

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