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The Girls for Science College Mentorship Program connects rising high school seniors with college students around the world to provide one-to-one mentorship and guidance during the college admissions process.


2023 Applications are closed. Please check for further updates.



"I liked how [my mentee and I ] were both willing to listen and learn new things from each other despite having different backgrounds."

- Mentor 2023-24

"[The best part of my mentorship experience was] networking and having someone who believed I could achieve what I wanted!"

- Mentee 2023-24

"It was great talking to someone with similar aspirations as me. I was really confused on the college process, but [my mentor] helped cleared up lots of my confusion."

- Mentee 2023-24

"I loved getting to work with students both in the US and outside of the country. Being able to help students from around the world with what is typically a very daunting process allowed me to be more confident in my abilities to instruct and collaborate, as well as make cross cultural connections."

- Mentor 2022-23

"It was an amazing help, I wouldn't have applied with such a good performance if it wasn't for the program."

- Mentee 2022-23

"... [My mentor] was able to perfectly help me get my essay to where I wanted. I have a difficult time finding a word for my thoughts and she helped so much with making my essay everything I wanted and more."

- Mentee 2022-23

"My mentor has been the best. She is simply driven and always ready to chip in. I have learned the definition of a mentor from her and pushed to be a better mentee by collaborating and communicating always. Once again, thank you!"

- Mentee 2022-23

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