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STEM Story: Breaking Book Barriers

Breaking Book Barriers is a nonprofit initiative aimed to broaden access to test

prep materials for high school students. It was formed in response to the extremely high

cost of SAT, ACT, and AP books. One of their main features is an online test prep book

exchange. Users can request SAT, ACT, and AP books listed on the website, and

Breaking Book Barriers will ship the books to them for free. Users can keep the books

for as long as they need, and then re-list them on the website when desired.

Breaking Book Barriers is always looking for donations of used prep books in

order to continue helping students. To donate a book, simply go on to the website and

fill out the “Donate a Book” form.

Apart from the book exchange, Breaking Book Barriers creates blog posts,

videos, and instagram content that serves as another test prep resource for students.

They have a team of high school content creators who have all been through the test

taking process recently, and thus know the best methods for success. These tips range

from planning out test prep to strategies for doing well on particular tests.

In 2020, they hope to start donation bins to gather books for students in

precarious solutions. They believe that education is the most powerful social mobility

tool, and feel that it is important to help as many students succeed as possible.

If you are in need of test prep books, want to get rid of your used books, or want

test advice, check out Breaking Book Barriers’ website and Instagram account!

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