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STEM Story: Laurel Dodson

I’ve long been interested in science, and especially computers (I got into coding in middle school). My dad is an electrical engineer, as was my grandfather, so he's explained different concepts to me, and I always thought the field of controlling the digital devices that make up so much of our lives was intriguing. I can remember when I was little, and people started making the switch from ordinary flip phones and Blackberrys to smartphones, and all the people who thought they would never take off (which is funny in retrospect!)I looked for a high school that would offer more of the opportunities to learn about the different types of engineering I was interested in (and would also let me take some dual enrollment classes) Middleton was the best option for both, so I applied to their engineering program and got in. From there, and in the last four years, I've gotten multiple certifications in industry, learned about the foundation of engineering up to the  aspects of design that make a product successful, and been a part of clubs like Society of Women Engineers, Technology Student Association, and Future Business Leaders of America. All this has been an excellent learning opportunity for me and helped prepare me for moving forward into an engineering program at college and, eventually, a job in the STEM field. As for my time in STEM, I believe the knowledge and experience I gained, while challenging at times, will help me find greater success in the future - technology is a part of our lives, after all, and knowing more about it allows for more opportunities to take. I'm still looking forward - and I can't wait to take the roads not yet traveled! - Laurel Dodson 

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