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STEM Story: Teens in STEM

"I actually have always loved science and engineering. I took a research trip to Oklahoma state last summer to do engineering research for a week. It was a blast meeting new people and learn lots of fundamentals in engineering. Shortly after this, I felt like I needed to create a change in the STEM community. So with bravery and tons of leadership, I started my own women in STEM organization for my community where young girls in middle school and high school met up at local libraries! It took a lot of perseverance and passion from me to start this because I think these young girls should get exposure to real-life sciences and STEM since it's basically what the world is made up of. It was a lot of fun I many ways since I got a lot of girls to interact with each other and learn the importance of STEM since many girls aren't present in that field. In addition,  got guest speakers and workshops set up and I got to expose the girls to a bunch of careers in STEM, it was really fun seeing everyone learn something new and expose ideas to one another. By taking on leadership and organizing this foundation, I'm hoping to experience seeing more women graduate with science degrees!" By Krishna Vekariya. Age-17, IG- @krishna_vekariya_

"My stem story: I started to work in stem in the 6th grade, and since then it’s made a big impact in my life that I certainly cannot forget. It all first started because of my love for math. From there, the introduction of engineering passionately grew on me and from there I realized my strength and what I want to do in my life career path. My goal is to attend MIT as I take engineering classes in school. This boosted my passion and love for STEM as I work with different people in my school and learn various topics about it. Over time, I’ve been emerged into the different parts from the classes I have taken and the projects I have completed. Once I started high school, I took this class drafting and absolutely fell in love with it. It has aspired the field I want to take part in... architecture. The idea of designing and drawing for residential and commercial made me fall in love with it." By Jennah-Lei Gardner. Age-17, IG- @smiley_jennah

"Whenever we used to take personality inventories in elementary schools, I would always fall under the STEM category. This is because I think that being in STEM will show who you are and change you due to the different activities it follows. For example, I'm into building and mechanics so therefore I'm passionate for robotics. In middle school, I joined an FLL Robotics team and continued this for two years. I've always had lots of fun in robotics and engineering design challenges. I have also attended multiple STEM summer camps, such as those at MOSI and Middleton High School. In 8th grade, I even got the opportunity to join Middleton's FRC team and have continued this year. I'm currently in 9th grade at Middleton High School in the engineering magnet. I've always seemed to have an interest in STEM so I'm continuing to explore and discover more there. It is a challenging field with few women, but I still love it and plan on pursuing a career in this field. STEM is lots of fun!" By Ria Nayar. Age-14, IG- @air.ria03

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