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Words Matter: Ya Like Jazz? Saving the Bees

These fuzzy little cuties are huge helpers in a tiny body.

Bees support 75% of leading food plants through pollination! Unfortunately, bee populations are struggling to survive due to loss of habitat and resources. They are also affected by poor air quality and other forms of pollution that directly affect their health and the ecosystem. These factors are often caused by architectural development, industrial waste, and litter. You can easily help bees by planting flowers and shrubs, which give them protein and carbohydrates through pollen and nectar.

Planting non-native plants can extend the flowering season, but remember to not plant flora that is horticulturally modified for aesthetic reasons, as they do not attract bees. By planting a large variety of trees and shrubs that bloom at different times of the growing season, you can provide year-round resources for the bees - even in the winter!

Written by: Hannah Burleson

Graphic: Teju Calambakkam

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